Glass Manufacturers in India


The Glass Manufacturers in India has a huge consumer base for their products and is one of the core industry sectors. Glass Manufacturers in India are one of the most revenue and employment generating industry sector. Glass Manufacturers in India are majorly concentrated geographically in Firozabad, a small Tier-3 City in Uttar Pradesh state of Northern India. Glass Manufacturers in Firozabad provides almost 10,00,000 People Direct or Indirectly their livelihood. Glass Manufacturers in India use several processes ranging from IS bottling Plants, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Pressed Glassmaking to Mouth Blown Glass Making Technique for Glass Manufacturing. 

We, at Glastic, are engaged in Glass Manufacturing and supplying in Firozabad through above mentioned Glass Manufacturing techniques through which we are able to present a vast range of Glassware products and options to our potential and existing clients with quality assurance.

Glass Manufacturers in India

Let’s deep dive into Glass Manufacturing Process involved in Glass Manufacturing  :

Glassware manufacturing through Individual Section (IS)Machines

Mostly Glass Containers i.e Glass Bottles and Jars that are used prominently in IMFL, Beverages, Consumer Goods and Food Products are made through Individual Section or IS Machines in which there are 6/7 Individual Sections on the machine in which Moulds can be placed and desired design of Container Glasses can be Produced through these machines. 

Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India
Glass Bottle Manufacturing in india thorugh IS Glass Manufacturing Plant which produce Glass Bottles, Jars and other products.

The Glass Manufacturing through IS Machines is widely used for prominent reasons like : 

  • Multiple Designs can be produced at same time from a machine using same weight group. 
  • Speed of Production is relatively higher than other operational techniques as a normal weight group of 200 Gms Product can be produced around 35,000 units approx in 24 Hours of Job.
  • Quality and Evenness of Production as all units are Identical in Production. 

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Glassware Manufacturing through Pressed Glass Making Technique

Glass Beverage Tumblers like Whisky Glasses, Juice Glasses, Tea Glasses and Bowls that are used in Households, Kitchenware and promotional gifting are made through Pressed glass technique in which 16 Mould sets are placed on a round production table and a mechanical plunger used to press that mould with continuous falling molten glass gob in that mould so that Glass gob is converted into a particular shape and that shape is extracted out of the mould via using a mechanised bottom which pushes the glass upwards out of the mould, the glass design extracted out of the mould is been placed on the polishing layer which polishes the rim and edges of the glass produced by a high flame beam on its edges and finally placing the product on a cooling layer to let it cool for a period of 30 Minutes before been packed. 

Glass Manufacturers in India
Glass Tumbler and Cup Manufacturing through Pressed Glass Machine

 The Glass Manufacturing through Pressed Machines is widely used for prominent reasons like : 

  •   Speed of Glass Production is very high compared with Manual Glass Blowing Technique. 
  •   Weight Groups as low as 40 Kms can be easily produced.
  • Evenness and Quality of production is highly achieved.

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Glassware Manufacturing through Glass Blowing Technique

Glassware Manufacturing through Glass Blowing is the most ancient glass-making technique dated back to almost 1st Century BC and is used to make Glasswares ranging from Tumblers, Decoratives and several other fixtures which are done through taking a molten gob out of the furnace through tongs and placing it in the mould and blowing it with the help of the blowing rods through their mouth and help to shape the Gob into the mould’s shape and then Glass extracted from mould by opening the mould and cutting the excess glass by using a glass cutter machine and finally placed on a conveyer to cool down and been packed afterwards. 

Glassware Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing technique through manual glass blowing technique.

The Glass Manufacturing through Mouth Blowing is widely used for prominent reasons like : 

  • Moulding cost is very low comparatively and complicated designs can be manufactured easily. 
  • Low quantities as 1000 Pcs or even 100 Pcs can be produced easily 
  •  Provides livelihood to the largest number of craftsmen who produce glasswares through this technique.

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Glassware Manufacturing Through Semi-Automatic Pressed Machines

Glass Manufacturing through Semi-Automatic Pressed Machines is done to make Glasswares which has higher diameter and quantity required is low. In this Process, Molten Gob is transferred to a Semi-Automatic hand Pressed Machines which contains the mould of the design to be made and been pressed using a Handheld lever and the gob is converted to the respective design. These type of machines are mostly used for making High Diameter Plates, Platters and other glass Fixtures. 

Glass Manufacturing through Semi-Automatic Pressed Machines
Glass Manufacturing through Manual Pressed Glass Manufacturing technique.

The Glass Manufacturing through Semi-Automatic Pressed Machines is widely used for prominent reasons like : 

  •  Moulding cost is low comparatively and designs having higher diameter can be manufactured easily. 
  •  Low quantities as 1000 Pcs or even 100 Pcs can be produced easily. 
  • Provides livelihood to the largest number of craftsmen who produce glasswares through this technique. 

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We, at Glastic Global Pvt Ltd, work on the Requirement of every individual client and help with designing and process required to make that Glass. We have integrated in-house mould designing, creation and Pre-Production samples to enable our clients with one-stop solutions for Glass Manufacturing. We have integrated Glass Decor like Printing, Colouring, Coating, Frosting, Foil Stamping and several other related processes with our operations to offer a vast range of customisations available with us. Our Glass Products ranges from Glass Bottles, Glass Tumblers, Glass Jars, Glass Kitchenwares, Glass Tablewares, Glass Gifting, Glass Export items and Glass Promotional Items. 

We always emphasise incorporating the usage of the latest technologies and features in the Glass Manufacturing Process so as to reduce energy requirements and for sustainable growth and becoming more environmentally cautious. We use at least 40-50% broken glass cullet to manufacture new designs to become more environmentally friendly as sustainable growth is a very positive sign of any company’s progress. 

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