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We at Glastic are Glass Bottle Manufacturers based in India. Glass Bottle manufacturers is a huge industry contributing towards packaging solution in India. The food, Beverage and Liquor Industry is the prominent sector which is been catered by Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India for their packaging requirements. Glass Bottle Manufacturers makes glass bottles from Individual Section (IS) Machines. These Machines can produce Glass Bottles from both Press and Blow & Blow and Blow process as well.

Empty Glass Bottle Manufacturers
Glass Bottle Manufacturing from IS Machine

Glass Bottles Manufacturers makes bottles in the following types based on their usage :


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Let’s understand more about the above-mentioned type of Glass Bottles :

  1. GLASS MILK BOTTLE: We have Glass Milk Bottles in Round and Square shapes starting from capacity as low as 180 ml and upto 1000 ml. We make these Glass milk bottles from our existing moulds as well as any new custom design suggested by the client by making a new mould for the same. These Glass Milk Bottles are completely food grade and lead-free which makes them perfect for use to store and supply milk and other beverages like flavoured drinks, Smoothies and milkshakes.
    Glass Milk Bottle Manufacturers
    Glass Milk Bottles

    We Provide these Glass Milk Bottles with all possible customisations like Single and Multicolour brand printing, Embossing and Colour Coating. We can produce anywhere between 40,000 to 50,000 Units per day. These Glass Milk Bottles are used by Dairy Companies, Milkshake Companies, Beverage companies and several others.
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  2. GLASS JUICE BOTTLES: We have Glass Juice bottles in all shapes and sizes starting from 150 Ml to 1000 Ml. These Glass Juice Bottles comes with both Lug and Crown cap as per the client’s requirement. These Glass Juice Bottles are completely food grade and lead-free making them perfect for use for any juices and beverages to be filled.
    Glass Juice Bottles Manufacturers
    Glass Juice Bottles

    We have in house customisations available for these Glass Juice Bottles like Logo Printing, Embossing, Coating and Foil Stamping. We have a production capacity of 40,000 Pcs each day. These Glass Juice Bottles are used by Food and Beverage companies and startups.
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  3. GLASS WATER BOTTLES: We manufacture Glass Water Bottles in several shapes and sizes from 300 Ml to 1000 Ml. These Water bottles come with a Swing top, Screwcap and Lug cap as well based on their respective designs.  These Water bottles are completely safe for packaging and storing water for a long duration.
    Glass Water Bottle Manufacturers
    Glass Water Bottles

    We can do any possible customisations on these Glass Water Bottles as per the client’s requirement. We have a capacity of producing around 40,000 Glass Water Bottles each day. These Glass Water Bottles are used by Water Bottling Companies, Sparkling water brands and others.
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  4. GLASS OIL BOTTLES: We manufacture Glass Oil Bottles in various shapes and sizes as per requirements varying from 100 Ml to 1000 Ml. We supply these Glass Oil Bottles with Screw caps and Oil Pourers which makes them fit for use in kitchen and Oil Companies. These Glass Oil Bottles are completely made of Food Grade Glass which makes them suitable to use for edible oil bottles.
    Glass Oil Bottle Manufacturers
    Glass Oil Bottles

    We provide customisations on these Glass oil Bottles with customisations like printing, embossing and branding. We have a production capacity of 40,000 Pcs each day for these Glass Oil Bottles. These Glass Oil Bottles are used by Edible Oil Companies and in Kitchenwares for Oil filling purposes.
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  5. GLASS KETCHUP BOTTLES: We manufacture Glass Ketchup Bottles in several sizes and shapes from 100 Ml to 1000 Ml. We make these Glass Ketchup bottles with Screw and Crown caps to ensure safety and no spilling from bottles. These Glass Ketchup bottles are completely safe for ketchup filling and storage.
    Glass Ketchup Bottle Manufacturers
    Glass Ketchup Bottles

    We provide all customisation on these Glass Ketchup Bottles like embossing and printing and have production capability of 40,000 Pcs per day. These Glass Ketchup Bottles are used by Ketchup Manufacturing brands and Squash Companies to fill and sell their products.
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  6. GLASS COSMETIC BOTTLES: We manufacture Glass Cosmetic Bottles starting from very small shapes and sizes which goes upto 500 Ml. These Glass Cosmetic Bottles comes with airtight sealable and twist caps for Perfumes, Beauty Oils, Creams etc. These Cosmetic Glass Bottles are completely safe for use.
    Glass Cosmetics Bottle Manufacturers
    Glass Cosmetic Bottles

    We can provide all customisations on these Glass Cosmetic Bottles from Pad printing, Frosting, Embossing, Colour coating and others. we have a manufacturing capability of producing 1,00,000 Pcs per day of these Glass Cosmetic Bottles.
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  7. GLASS LIQUOR BOTTLES: We are the manufacturers of Empty Glass Liquor Bottles for Country Liquor and IMFL Brands. We make these Glass Liquor Bottles in sizes ranging from 50 Ml, 100 ml, 180 Ml, 375 Ml, 750 Ml and 1 Lt. These Glass Liquor Bottles come in different caps like Screw caps, ROPP caps, Guala caps and Cork Necks as well. These Glass Liquor Bottles are used for packaging Country Liquor, Foreign Liquor, Wines and other Alcoholic beverages.
    Glass Liquor Bottle Manufacturers
    Glass Liquor Bottles

    We Provide all customisations possible in these Glass Liquor Bottles like Brand Embossing, Printing, Colour Coating, Frosting and Digital Printing. We have a production capability of 50,000 Pcs per day for Glass Liquor Bottles. We make these Glass Liquor Bottles in both Clear Flint and Normal Flint Quality.
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  8. GLASS BEER BOTTLES: We manufacture Glass Beer Bottles in two regular sizes of 330 Ml and 650 Ml for breweries and beer bottles. These Beer Bottles comes in Crown Caps only to maintain air pressure inside the bottle. These Bottles are safe for use to fill and store beer.
    Glass Beer Bottle Manufacturers
    Glass Beer Bottles

    We provide all customisations on these Glass Beer Bottles as per Client’s requirement. We provide these Glass Beer Bottles in Flint, Amber and Green coloured glass as well. We have a production capacity of 40,000 Pcs each day for these Glass Beer Bottles.
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