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We at Glastic are Glass Tumbler Manufacturers based in Firozabad, India. Glass Tumbler Manufacturers provides a wide range of varieties of glasses using both Blown techniques and Pressed glass-making technique.  Glass Tumbler Manufacturers in India manufacture more than 100+ unique designs . Glass Tumbler Manufacturers is a huge industry contributing towards beverage drinking solution in INDIA. We provide printed and non-printed glasses as per your demand or requirement [eg; Logos, Names of your company, Artwork, Embossing, Particular Designs, etc ]  which start from Rs.5 goes up to Rs.20. We also provide packaging options as thermal, corrugated, cardboard, and carry case packaging.

Glass Tumbler Manufacturing

Glass Tumbler Manufacturing is the art of shaping molten glasses into designs that not only enhance your drinking experiences and also showcasing a class among your group . Glass Tumbler manufacturing is done through several available Glass Tumbler techniques based on tumbler’s glass shape, size, and capacity prominently Blown glass-making technique and Pressed glass-making technique.

Glass Tumbler Manufacturers
Glass Tumbler

 Choosing the different tumbler glass for every different purpose is to show your class. Some of the best Glass Tumbler based on the designs which we provide.


Whisky Glass

Whisky Glass enhances the experience of drinkers’ taste. The special characteristic of whisky glass is its heavy bottom  It may be different in shape, size, & capacity. The capacity of our WHISKY GLASSES starting from as low as 250 ml goes up to 320 ml. The most popular feature a bulbous body shape that allows you to collect. We can produce 25,000 to 35,000 units per day.

Whisky Glass Manufaturers
Whisky Glass

This is a pretty standard size since its holds a fair amount of liquid without getting too weighty. We provide these glasses with all possible customizations like Brand printing, Embossing, or Color coating as per the client’s requirement.


Wine Glass

Wine Glass is actually known as glass with stem and foot using for drinking. The basic requirement of a good wine glass remains the same. We manufacture it in the capacity of approximately 125 ml rise up to 175 ml. Most wine glasses are stemware as they composed in three-part: bowl, stem, and foot. A Glass of wine protects you from Heart disease and harmful inflammation.

Wine Glass Manufacturers
Wine Glass

When it comes to size the option is infinite but we think medium size options make the best Wine Glass. We can provide all possible customizations like Single piece mono carton, 6 pcs, or the client’s requirement.


Water Glass

Water Glass the most common and useful glass. Everyone wants the collection of such glasses in their house. It can be used not only in drinking water but may also be drinking juice, wine, etc.  It may be varied in shapes and capacity. Water Glass capacity which we provide starting from 180 ml to 260 ml. When it comes to size the options are infinite in these tumbler categories. We provide such glasses printed and non-printed with the client’s need and with packing.

Water Glass Manufacturers
Water Glasses

Store water in the glass to keep it free from toxins, cleaner and safe for drinking. We have a production capacity of 40,000 pcs each day. These glasses used in houses, cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars, and even in companies for serving water to their clients.


Juice Glass

Juice glasses are best reserved for serving juice, shakes, etc. They’re often noted by their smaller capacities, ideal for serving fresh-squeezed juices during breakfast and brunch. I read some of the other reviews and think people are very confused as to what juice glasses actually are technically a proper serving of juice is 4 ounces, if you want a large glass of juice it may be 8 or 12 ounces. It may differ in body shapes, sizes, dimensions, and capacity starting from the range of 160 ml and rise up to 250 ml.

juice Glass manufacturers
Juice Glass

There is no need to worry about juice losing its flavor in glass, it can be as fresh as you keeping it in the bottle. We can also provide customizations depend on client’s needs what they actually want from us.


Tea Glass

A Tea glass is for drinking tea. It may be with or without a handle, generally a small one that may be grasped with the thumb and one or two-finger. It is also used for drinking coffee or some other hot drink. It also varies in shapes, sizes, dimensions [ the most common shape might be the shorter, wider tea glass, sometimes known as a bowler classic shape] and capacity of 120 ml to 150 ml.

Tea Glass Manufacturers
Tea Glass

When we are talking about the size and shape of tea glass the options are infinite within this tumbler category but we customize the size and designs according to the client’s suggestion. We provide a wide variety of printing, Color Coating, any particular print, and custom design suggested by the client. These glasses come from variations, some have taller while other feature thicker, shorter walls.


Shot Glass

Shot Glass popularly known as a small glass used for serving spirits. The word shot meaning a drink of alcohol. An alcoholic beverage served in SHOT GLASS. It may be different types like cheater glass, single glass, fluted glass, tall shot glass, and many more. It may be a wide variety in shapes, sizes, designs, and capacity generally low to 35 ml goes up to 50 ml.

Shot Glass Manufacturers
Shot glass

We provide these glasses with all possible customizations like Brand printing, Embossing, Color Coating, and any particular print of the client’s requirement.


Beer Glass

Beer Glass comprises vessels made of glass, designed or commonly used for drinking and serving beer. Probably the most common beer glass, pint glass is the preferred choice for most restaurants and bars. Its simple body shape characterized its class. The beer glass is generally acknowledged to be the universal standard for ordering a beer.

Beer Glass Manufacturers
Beer Glass

It may be different types, shapes, sizes, dimensions, and capacity about 250 ml to 360 ml. We customized these glasses with printing and non-printing as suggested by the client and also provide packaging like loose packing, thermal packing, etc. We are trying to fulfill our client’s requirement with the best.


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