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We at Glastic are Prominent Whisky Glass Manufacturers based In Firozabad, India. Whisky Glass Manufacturers in India make Whisky Glasses using both Blown and Pressed Glass making techniques. We have an entire range of Whisky Glasses available with us and have more than 100+ designs in Whisky Glasses. We provide these Whisky Glasses in both Printed or non-printed options which starts from as low as Rs. 8 and goes up to Rs. 20. We also provide packaging options as thermocoal, corrugated, cardboard or carry case packaging. We also customise these Glass Whisky Glasses with logo printing, embossing on products and artwork printed packaging as per the client’s requirement.

Whisky Glass Manufacturing

Whisky Glass Manufacturing is the art of shaping molten glass into a design that not only enhances your Whisky Drinking experience and also showcasing a class among your group and drinker friends. Whisky Glass Manufacturing is done through several available Glass Manufacturing techniques based on Whisky Glass’ shape, size and capacity which prominently are Blown Glass Making technique and Pressed Glass Making Technique.

Whisky Glass Manufacturers
Whisky Glasses in different designs.

Choosing the correct Whisky Glass is very important to change your whole drinking experience. Some Whisky Glasses are manufactured to highlight the taste while some are made to enhance the spirit. Whisky Glasses are versatile to contain Cocktails, Bourbon, Scotch, Irish Whiskey and Single Malts.

Some Best Whisky Glass Designs based on manufacturing techniques and Body designs can be classified into the following types :

  1. The Tulip Whisky Glass.
  2. The Old Fashioned Whisky Glass.
  3. The Highball Whisky Glass.
  4. The Glencairn Whisky Glass.
  5.  The Snifter Whisky Glass.
  6. The Neat Whisky Glass.

The Tulip Whisky Glass

The  Tulip Whisky Glass is Manufactured using Blown Glass making technique and has a stem attached with the bottom bowl of the glass and looks more like a wine glass. The stem serves the purpose of keeping the drinker’s hand far from his nose and rim of the glass so as prevent any smell and oils from the hand coming in contact with Whisky and the bottom bowl of the Glass serves the purpose of concentrating aromas through the slightly narrowed rim. These Whisky Glasses can be easily cradled and are preferably used for drinking single malt whisky.

The Tulip Whisky Glass
Tulip shaped Whisky Glass.

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The Old Fashioned Whisky Glass

The Old Fashioned Whisky Glasses are commonly known as Rocks Glasses and are manufactured through both the Pressed and Blown Glass Making technique. The most common characteristics of these glasses are that these glasses are heavy bottom glasses with a wide rim which makes them ideal for filling with Ice and mixing cocktails. You can find these glasses with any good bar or whisky lover.

Old Fashioned Whisky Glass
Old Fashioned shape Whisky Glass.

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The Highball Whisky Glass

The Highball Whisky Glass is just a taller version of the Old-fashioned glasses and has a long body which makes it suitable to mix soda with Whisky and plenty of ice. You can make a long drink in these highball whisky glasses. These Glasses are very suitable for making cocktails like Whisky Ginger Ale, Whisky Lemonade and many others. it provides the best function to serve Whisky with soda in a tall pint glass.

Highball Whisky Glass
Highball shaped Whisky Glasses

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The Glencairn Whisky Glass

The Glencairn Whisky Glass is made through the Blown Glass Manufacturing technique and similar to the tulip-shaped glass. its Short solid base makes it perfect for being stable in placement and hold the glass perfectly for drinkers who don’t like stem glasses. These Whisky Glasses has a bowl-shaped channel which are used to concentrate aroma towards the rim and swirl the whisky to open up aromas in it. These Whisky Glasses are commonly used for Whisky tastings and social drinking.

Glencairn Whisky Glass
Glencairn Shaped Whisky Glass

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The Snifter Whisky Glass

The Snifter Whisky Glasses are made through Blown Glass Manufacturing Technique and it has a very wide body and narrow top. These Whisky Glasses are commonly used for drinking aged Whisky and Brandy most preferably and that is why they are commonly known as Brandy Glasses. Due to the shape of these Glasses, the whisky doesn’t spill out of the Glass. These Glasses can also concentrate the aroma of Whisky by swirling in the glass.

Snifter Whisky Glass
Snifter Shaped Whisky Glass

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The Neat Whisky Glass

The Neat Whisky Glass is made through Blown Glass Manufacturing Technique and NEAT stands for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology which is made for enhancing the natural aroma in the whisky by squeezing the lighter molecules out of its opening. The shape of these whisky glasses is similar to a potting vessel which is shaped to direct alcohol vapours away from the nose. These Whisky Glasses are becoming very common in drinkers these days due to its unique shape and size. These whisky glasses are most common in Japan.

Neat Whisky Glass
Neat Shaped Whisky Glass

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We, at Glastic, are Whisky Glass Manufacturers and we are manufacturing Whisky Glasses for all above mentioned designs through both Pressed and Blown Glass Manufacturing Techniques. We have a house designing and mould making team which enables us with making new designs as per need. We make Whisky Glasses in all qualities ranging from recycled quality, flint glass quality as well to clear flint glass quality.  We have a production capacity of 50000 Pcs per day for pressed glasses and 5000 Pcs per day for Blown Glasses. We make these Whisky Glasses as per the client’s requirement by making new drawings that get converted to moulds and then physical designs. We also promote our existing 100+ Designs from Whisky Glass Category to our existing and potential clients.

We also provide customisations in the glasses like Brand Logo printing in single or multi-colour options, Glass Colouring in opaque, translucent and dark colours. We also provide customisation in packaging options like branded mono box packaging with custom artwork printing in corrugation, Cardboard and SBS material as per the client’s requirement.

We majorly produce Whisky Glasses for HORECA Industry which uses Whisky Glasses for Serving purposes at their places and Liquor Industry which uses Whisky Glasses as major Consumer Promotional item means for gifting Whisky Glass to a consumer who buys their product.

We look forward to helping with any Whisky Glass requirement in the best possible way, you can connect with us by filling up the below form or writing us at [email protected].

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